Aah! The Gorgeous Anushka Sharma

Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma has been on a roll these days! The Matru ki Bijlee ka Mandola star is loaded with endorsements and film projects.

Anushka Sharma of late shot for a new television commercial along with two new faces: Aishwarya Yadav from Noida and Neha Soni from Kharia in Odisha. The trio was seen shooting for an upcoming advertisement for TVS Scooty, which sports an exciting and completely new concept that promises liveliness and vigour with a streak of girly mischief.

Aishwarya and Neha — youngsters who are facing the camera for the first time — were chosen after being voted among the top three in TVS Scooty’s ‘Test Ride to Stardom’ contest, which was launched during the Diwali season last year. The contest, which was conducted online, had a large number of entrants from across the country.

Anushka Sharma PicturesSeven finalists were shortlisted from close to 1,000 entries. Each of the contestants was given a 10-day timeframe to campaign for the most number of ’likes’ on the TVS Scooty’s facebook page.

Over the years, TVS Scooty as a brand has consistently identified with one particular aspect — innovation — whether in its advertising campaigns or its strategic approaches. Take, for example, the recent campaign positioned around ‘ScootyGiri’, which created waves among its target audiences as it targeted to bring out a whole new access to the power of being a woman.

The new television commercial, which has been spun around a wedding theme, takes the ‘ScootyGiri’ theme to the next level and promises to be a cracker of an advertisement, both in terms of visual appeal and content.

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