Dhoom 3 YouTube Movie Trailer

Dhoom 3 Poster - Dhoom 3 YouTube Movie Trailer

Check out Dhoom 3 YouTube Trailer Video. The first look teaser promo youtube video of the much awaited movie Dhoom 3 is now available.The promo is definitely an electrifying and breathtaking ride!

The first look of the Dhoom 3 movie thrills the viewers with some of the amazing stunts. It is power-packed with introduction dialogue by Amir Khan and heart-beating visuals. Dhoom 3 teaser gives you a glimpse of Aamir Khan’s chiselled body, bike stunts, Katrina Kaif’s sizzling beauty and Abhishek and Uday Chopra back in their cop act. Aamir Khan is doing the role of an antagonist for the first time in “Dhoom 3”. This will be the third instalment of the “Dhoom” franchise that started in 2004. He will be seen as a super thief who uses acrobatic skills to pull off heists. John Abraham and Hrithik Roshan played villains in Dhoom 1 and Dhoom 2. Katrina will enact the character of Aamir’s partner in crime and also his lover. Abhishek Bachchan returns in his cop’s role, chasing the super villain with Uday Chopra.

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