Grand Masti Trailer


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Grand Masti Movie Trailer YouTube

Grand Masti movie trailer (Masti 2) is out in stores. Check out the trailer; it seems like it would be easily tagged as one of most v*lgar movie in Bollywood. The Grand Masti movie trailer itself starts with an ad*lt scene. It continues till the end of it in different forms during the trailer of the movie. Every scene and dialogues in the movie trailer is filled with dirty jokes, double-meaning gags, toilet humour. The movie sounds funny to some extent. We think one would also feel awkward while watching and listening. Ekta Kapoor’s ‘Kya Super Kool Hai Hum’ was the naughtiest and v*lgar movie till date. But it seems like Indra Kumar’s ‘Grand Masti’ is 10 times to that. Watch the Grand Masti movie trailer and share your thoughts with us.

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