Rum Rum Pilay De recites Veena Malik

Veena Malik does it again! However, this time with the launch of her second solo song Rum Rum.

Veena Malik the famed Pakistani actress is to be featured in a Dutch Documentary. It is tentatively titled ‘Women In Islam’.
The documentary that was shot in Qatar, India, Turkey, Morocco, Egypt, London and Holland, consists of six episodes. It features many important women from the Islamic culture. It is set in the most remotest areas and locations of the countries.

Veena Malik PhotosOne episode centers on Veena Malik. The only Pakistani ever to work as a representative for the World Health Organization. She worked there for two years. The struggle she went though while campaigning for ‘Polio Awareness’, throughout Pakistan. At a place where many campaigners are killed merely on the suspicion of espionage.

During her brief stint in India, she also volunteered to help many children, by Providing them shelter homes. She is even a sponsor-mother to a girl child Payal Kamble an 11 year old. Payal was a victim of prostitution The documentary also focuses on the troubles that the Islamic women have to go through, in everyday life. The age old clash between old religious customs and traditions, and modern day practices. Their attempts to educate the masses, and the banishment of superstition and blind faith..

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