Whoa! Poonam Pandey Strips on Twitter

It looks as if Poonam Pandey is missing all the limelight her debut film Nasha gave her. While the film fell flat at the box office and Poonam Pandey’s acting skills and the film’s story line was chastised by the critics, Poonam Pandey pulled in some four lakh twenty four thousand followers on Twitter!

Emotional scenes, s** and skimpy clothes in Nasha did not work for Poonam as much as her indecent dialogues and revealing photos on Twitter do.But it seems post Nasha, Poonam Pandey has very little to say and hence she is back to posting her photos that show off her different body parts.

As of late she tweeted a photo that said ‘home alone’, in a cleavage revealing dress.

Poonam pandey strips on twitterWhile Poonam Pandey no doubt is a great model, she needs to hone her acting skills to grab more films. May be a crash course in acting would help!

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